E*Trade Activity Is "Off The Charts" As 'Meme Stock'-Mania Accelerates Pre-Market

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Feb 25, 2021 - 09:07 AM

Several heavily-watched so-called 'meme stocks' are higher in the pre-market after yesterday's late-day gamma squeeze in GME (and AMC among others).

The resurgence in bullish sentiment towards several of the WSB-Short-Squeeze favorites is extreme...

GME is up over 70% in the pre-market

AMC is up 15-20% in the pre-market...

Pot stocks (also notably discussed on Reddit) are also bid with Sundial Growers up over 10%...

Will Robinhood have to choke "buying" once again?

And it's not just Robinhood that is seeing massive retail interest. The number of trades customers are making on a daily basis on the self-directed online trading platform E*Trade is “off the charts”, Morgan Stanley Chief Financial Officer Jonathan Pruzan said at a virtual conference on Thursday.

Given the surge in implied vols and the chaos into the close last night, we wonder how much knock-on effect this latest short-squeeze will have on hedge funds (and if there will be a need to delever once again)?