Musk On Mars: "A Bunch Of People Will Probably Die, But It's A Glorious Adventure"

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Apr 25, 2021 - 06:15 PM

“A bunch of people will probably die in the beginning,” is how Elon Musk characterized his plans of colonizing Mars last week.

Musk made the comments while speaking with Dr. Peter Diamandis on Thursday in Cape Canaveral, Florida for an event to announce a $100 million carbon removal project "aimed at helping to keep the Earth habitable while humanity seeks to become an interplanetary species," RT reported

The conversation on the live stream quickly turned to Musk's "plans" to colonize the red planet.

Photo: BI

Musk, apparently already dubbing himself reining emperor of the red planet, said that Mars wouldn't just be an “escape hatch for rich people.”

“It's going to be uncomfortable and you probably won’t have good food, and all these things, you know,” he said. He noted that colonizing Mars would be “dangerous... uncomfortable...  a long journey, you might not come back alive, but it's a glorious adventure and it'll be an amazing experience.”

He added: “If an arduous and dangerous journey where you might not come back alive, but it's a glorious adventure, sounds appealing, Mars is the place. That's the ad for Mars.”

Despite this, Musk didn't think he would have any trouble finding volunteers. “Honestly, a bunch of people probably will die in the beginning. It's tough sledging over there, you know. We don't make anyone go,” he added about a colonization project that doesn't really even exist. “It's volunteers only.”

“If we make life multiplanetary, there may come a day when some plants and animals die out on Earth, but are still alive on Mars,” Musk wrote on Twitter last week. 

We wonder if it's more "arduous and dangerous" than being a Tesla owner...