Philly Introduces Legislation To Ban Ski Masks In Public Areas

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jun 17, 2023 - 08:15 PM

Turns out masking wasn't just totally ineffective during Covid, the remnants of "normalizing" the behavior are now coming back to bite U.S. cities, where the practice - which formerly was just for wintertime and committing crimes - is now being used effectively for the latter because of now normal is has become.

At least that's the case in Philadelphia, where the city council is now mulling a ski mask ban (as if that should even be necessary heading into the dead of winter). But the city has experienced such an increase in crime since Covid, the idea is getting traction. 

City Council Member Anthony Phillips has commented: "You cannot distinguish a misguided kid from a common criminal. We cannot ignore it because neighbors feel unsafe, we can't ignore the police's struggle to identify suspects. This is a public safety ad a quality of life issue."

He introduced the legislation which would ban masks in public places like parks and schools last week, according to ABC 6.

The legislation would carry with it a $250 fine for anyone wearing a ski mask in rec centers, daycares, parks, and city-owned buildings and a $2,000 fine for anyone wearing one while committing a crime. 

The bill excludes "costumes, along with anyone engaging in religious holidays or wearing safety equipment for work",  the report notes, meaning that Philadelphia may soon see an influx of "Halloween in July" parties, as well as religions that call for covering ones face. 

Philadelphia has already put in place a ban on facemasks on public transit, but the report notes that the new legislation isn't likely to pass until the end of summer, if at all. 

Samia Glenn from West Philadelphia pushed back against the idea: "Some people just wear it (ski masks) for protection. Ski mask isn't always defensive. Everybody doesn't wear it just because they're doing something bad."

In the dead of summer? Sure, Samia...