Public Schools In Boston Suburb Sued For Excluding White Students From Events

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Oct 25, 2021 - 10:50 PM

In the latest example of fighting racism in the bizarro world, Wellesley Public Schools, located in the Boston suburbs, is facing a federal lawsuit claiming that the district violated the constitutional rights of some of their students. 

A non-profit group representing three Massachusetts families is responsible for filing the suit, according to CBS Boston

The suit alleges that the schools "held racially segregated events for students where certain students were invited but white students were specifically excluded" - also known as the left's answer to racism...more division, segregation and, well, racism. 

The suit is also alleging that the district suppressed the First Amendment right of students citing, among other examples, an instance where students were told the phrase "Blue Lives Matter" was associated with white supremacy. 

The group assisting with the lawsuit is called "Parents Defending Education". 

Nicole Neily, the group's President, said: “This is not how public schools that operate with public tax dollars should be conducting themselves. It is fundamentally un-American to discriminate against students or separate students, segregate students, treat them differently, on the basis of race. It’s un-American and also it’s unconstitutional.”