"Pure Evil!" , "War Criminal!": Crowd Heckles Hillary During Installation As Chancellor Of Irish University

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Sep 25, 2021 - 07:15 PM

Hillary Clinton has finally been inaugurated... as the first female chancellor of Queen's University in Belfast, Ireland - but not before she was loudly heckled on the way to her coronation.

As Clinton entered the university, protesters could be heard shouting: "pure evil!:" and "war criminal!" amongst other things, including:

"You’re not welcome in Belfast! Go away, you war criminal scumbag!"

"How many kids have you killed today?"

"imperialist scum"


Here's the full video posted by Lasair Dhearg, as left-wing socialist republican group.

As the Western Journal notes:

One man who addressed a crowd on the video shared online accused Clinton of being responsible for “over 400 drone strikes across multiple nations which overwhelmingly killed civilians and even children.”

The man also blasted Clinton for labeling black men “superpredators when she helped lobby for the 1994 [U.S. crime bill].”

Appointed in 2020, Clinton spoke at the event for around 15 minutes, during which she suggested that the people of Northern Ireland "work together to resolve their differences over Brexit and dealing with the legacy of past violence."

Clinton, as it stands, voted in favor of the war in Iraq - and as US Secretary of State was instrumental in the Obama administration's decision to bomb Libya, "leaving Libya a failed state and a terrorist haven," according to the New York Times (h/t Daily Caller).  Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi, meanwhile, promised in 2010 that he'd stop illegal African migration into Europe for a tidy sum of US$6.3 billion per year. Two months later, he was dead.