Putin Reportedly "Interested" In Elon Musk's Proposal For The Two Men To Speak

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Feb 16, 2021 - 11:30 PM

On Sunday, we were among the first to note that Elon Musk had reached out to Vladimir Putin and asked for a "conversation" - ostensibly about bringing his companies to Russia - and hopefully not to just immediately surrender secrets related to the U.S. space program to Russia. 

Whether the offer by Musk is telegraphing that his clout in China could be running out, or it's just another case of "Musk being Musk", his offer didn't appear to fall on deaf ears.

It didn't take long for Chinese media to confirm that a "conversation" could actually happen between Musk and Putin. State-affiliated outlet People's Daily reported on Monday that Putin was "interested" in Musk's offer. 

It raised a lot of questions from investors - namely, what would the optics if another major company CEO with ties to the U.S. Space Program reached out and made the same offer?

But there was at least one investor on FinTwit that gave Musk the benefit of the doubt.

Recall, on Sunday, we wrote that Elon Musk tweeted the official English twitter account of the Kremlin, i.e., Vladimir Putin, saying "would you like join me for a conversation" on the popular (and so far invite-only) new audio social network Clubhouse.

He then followed up in google-translated Russian "it would be a great honor to speak with you."

We continue to wait for more context on this story as it develops.