Qatar Selling World's Largest Private Jet As Recession Bites 

UPDATE NOTE: All listing photos have been removed from this article at the request of a party associated with the aircraft's broker. You can see all of them for yourself in the public listings and associated documents linked here, here, and here.

Qatar's economy contracted for the first time in two decades in 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a prolonged downturn in the Arab country, weighed down primarily by slumping energy prices and collapsed world trade

As a result of the virus-induced downturn, the Qatari government has decided to sell its Boeing Business Jet 747-8i, one of the largest private jets in the world, with less than 1,000 total flight hours on the airframe, reported The Drive.

The Qatari 747-8i, with Boeing serial number 37075, was manufactured in Everett, Washington, in 2012, currently sits at AMAC Aerospace Switzerland AG's hanger in Basel, Switzerland, the company responsible for outfitting the jet with a luxury interior. 

The private jet entered service with the Qatar Amiri Flight in 2015, a division of the country's Qatar Airways that serves royal elites and government officials. 

AMAC's aircraft specifications show the plane supports up to 18 crew and 89 passengers.

"With a master bedroom, guest bedroom, grand staircase, living rooms, private offices and lounges, general lounges, fully stocked galleys, and more, the art deco-inspired and somewhat timeless interior of this aircraft is extremely lavish, to say the least," said The Drive.

The list price remains a mystery - though The Drive points out that a similar 747-8i, not outfitted for service, recently sold for $350 million.