Reddit Outages Reported After GameStop Shares Erupted In Epic Short Squeeze 

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021 - 03:50 PM

Update (1749 ET): As of this update, Reddit is back online, and so is WSB. 

* * * 

Update (1637 ET): As of this update, Reddit is still down... 

Isn't it odd that Reddit went down as GME went up? 

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Downdetector reports Reddit users are experiencing issues or outages across the country on Wednesday afternoon. 

There is no definitive link between the Gamestop-led short squeeze, and the stock zooming up over 100% in minutes and everyone checking the r/WallStreetBets board on Reddit, but certainly, it's a coincidence. 

Reddit outages developed around the time GME shares exploded higher.

Outages are seen from coast to coast. 

Across the country, internet search trends for "GME" are exploding into late afternoon.

On Twitter user said, "GameStop going up 100%, getting Halted, And Reddit going down in the same day?... SOMETHING IS UP."