Massive Internet Outage Hits East Coast Due To Fiber Cut In Brooklyn, No ETA On Recovery

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021 - 12:30 PM

Update (1225 ET): Reuters reports the massive outage of various web services this morning could be due to a fiber line that was cut in Brooklyn. 

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Users of Zoom, YouTube, Google, Gmail, Google Meet, Robinhood, Slack, Spotify, and Amazon Web Services are reporting issues or outages on Tuesday morning, according to Downdetector.

These web services are critical for remote working folks and could cause disruptions.

Zoom users are reporting issues or outages across Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states.

The same goes for users of Google...

..and we all know who is to blame...

It wasn't Putin after all...

There has been a massive surge of Twitter users reporting various web services that are currently down. 

Capital One also down?

This is funny. 

"Gotta love a statewide internet outage on the first day of zoom classes," one Twitter user said. 

White-collar workers report Salesforce is having issues. 

"Verizon outage is affecting my kids online learning today!" another user tweets. 

Verizon says technicians are aware of a fiber cut in Brooklyn, according to a Twitter post. There’s no estimated time of return.