Rivian Adopts Tesla's EV Charging Standard, Joining Ford, GM

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jun 20, 2023 - 02:45 PM

Last week we wrote about how major auto manufacturers Ford Motor Company and General Motors were adopting Tesla's charging standard. CNBC heralded the partnership as a 'major win' for Tesla and its charging technology.

We also noted that it was expected to add pressure on other automakers (and the US government) to adopt Tesla's charging technology (North American Charging Standard (NACS)). And that's what happened this morning:

Reuters reported that Rivian is adopting Tesla's NACS, allowing its customers access to Tesla's Superchargers in the US and Canada, starting as early as the late first half of 2024. 

Rivian says it will start making Tesla-style charging ports standard on its vehicles in 2025. According to Bloomberg, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe said his customers could now "leverage Tesla's expansive Supercharger network."

Here are the charging station companies that have announced support for NACS, according to a newly released report from Electrek:

  • ABB
  • Blink Charging
  • Chargepoint
  • EVgo
  • FLO
  • Tritium
  • Wallbox

Tesla has 45,000 charging stations worldwide, 12,000 of which are in the US. Tesla owners also receive a J1772 adapter with their car to access more than 53,000 other Level 2 stations in North America. 

The number of stations will likely increase now that Ford and GM are adding NACS natively to future vehicles, beginning in 2024-25.

GM's Mary Barra said last week:

"This collaboration is a key part of our strategy and an important next step in quickly expanding access to fast chargers for our customers. Not only will it help make the transition to electric vehicles more seamless for our customers, but it could help move the industry toward a single North American charging standard."

Edmunds executive director of insights Jessica Caldwell concluded last week

"Behind cost, consumers' biggest concern when considering an EV purchase involves charging as it's an overwhelming unknown to so many."

Meanwhile, the momentum continues for automakers to ditch Combined Charging System (CCS1) for NACS. At the time of this writing, Hyundai announced it would consider the switch from CCS1 to NACS. 

NACS fever is sweeping the EV world as it appears this is a big win for Tesla as the Biden administration pushes to expand US' EV charging network nationwide. The only problem is with more EVs accessing Tesla's Supercharging network. This might result in higher charging prices and longer lines.