An RV Attachment For Tesla's Cybertruck, Which Isn't Even In Production Yet, Already Has $50 Million In Pre-Orders

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, May 23, 2021 - 10:00 PM

An RV attachment for Tesla's Cybertruck, that pops out of the the truck's bed and turns it into a living space, already has $50 million in pre-orders. This is despite the fact that the Cybertruck isn't in production (and may never be).

And still, the Fed sees no signs of excess. 

Las Vegas-based analytics company Stream It has created the CyberLandr, which turns a Cybertruck into a portable home for "weekend trips or even emergencies". 

The space also "has a water-filtration system, voice automation, and Starlink dish for internet access," according to Insider. The company is working with Munro and Associates to help it "cater to high demand, while delivering a high quality product." 

The company took in pre-orders of $40,000 and $50,000 beginning in early April. Customers placed more than 1,000 pre-orders in the first 15 days. 

Lance King, Stream It CEO, said: "We conservatively estimate demand for CyberLandr at more than 10,000 units in 2022."

This video, provided by Stream It, shows how the CyberLandr is supposed to protrude from the back of the Cybertruck and turn into a living space. Forgive us if we're a bit - skeptical - that any of this is ever going to come to fruition.

But lets not let that get in the way of a nice rendering: