San Fran Becomes First Major City Requiring Vaccinations For Most Indoor Activities

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Aug 12, 2021 - 06:54 PM

As if residents of San Francisco needed another reason to flee and never come back - in addition to record high real estate prices, stratospheric rents, a historic homeless crisis and sidewalks literally covered with shit - moments ago we learned that the west coast liberal mecca will now require proof of full vaccination for patrons and employees of restaurants, bars and gyms, becoming the first major U.S. city to impose such a stringent mandate .

The rule also will apply to major indoor spaces such as theaters and entertainment venues, Mayor London Breed’s office said in a statement Thursday.

With its restrictions, San Francisco surpasses NYC on - which imposed a less stringent order last week when it required that indoor diners and gym patrons have one vaccine dose - the "Nanny state" scale. The move comes as the San Francisco area, which suffered one of the country’s first coronavirus outbreaks last year, is seeing case counts rise again due to the fast-spreading delta variant.

San Francisco and its surrounding counties last week reinstituted a mask mandate for people in public indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status.

And since a disproportionate percentage of American adults without a vaccine are minorities, San Francisco has effectively made it impossible for millions of blacks and Hispanics to eat of frequent much of San Francisco.

Finally, the age old question has once again emerged: "requiring an ID to vote in a election is considered taboo but requiring proof of Vaccination to go to a bar or restaurant is considered ok?"

We hope some day that those in power will answer this particular rhetorical question.

As for what comes next, one doesn't have to be a rocket surgeon to grasp that after the draconian restrictions fail to contain the media panic of the Delta - and soon Lambda variants - lockdowns are next.