Saudis Scrap $280 Million Jumbo Jet After Just 42 Hours Of Flight

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Dec 27, 2022 - 10:00 PM

A Boeing Jumbo jet built for Saudi royalty with only 42 hours of flight has been scrapped in the desert of Arizona after a decade of no buyers.

Germany's aero TELEGRAPH reported the $280 million Boeing 747-8BBJ was ordered for Saudi crown prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saudi, but he died in late 2011, one year before the jet was delivered to the Saudi Arabian Royal Flight Group. 

Since the prince died, the plane never flew and sat in Switzerland for a decade. No buyers ever struck a deal to purchase the jumbo jet outfitted with luxury throughout the cabin. 

In April, Boeing repurchased the plane for an undisclosed amount on its final flight to Arizona, the Daily Mail reported.

Just days ago, Twitter user Breaking Aviation News & Videos tweeted a picture of the plane being scrapped in the Arizona desert. 

Aero TELEGRAPH said this is the first account of a 747-8 to be scrapped. The plane has a lifespan of three decades; surprisingly, no buyers were interested in converting it into a cargo plane. 

Earlier this month, Boeing rolled out the last 747 off the production line at its factory in Everett, Washington, marking the end of a significant chapter in aviation history. 

And maybe the plane couldn't find a buyer because air cargo companies and the airline industry have gravitated towards the 777 widebody aircraft for fuel efficiency reasons.