"Somebody Was Lying": Biden Doesn't Trust Secret Service Detail, Thinks They Fabricated Dog Biting Incident

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Dec 31, 2022 - 05:15 PM

President Biden doesn't trust members of his Secret Service detail, and thinks they lied about details of the dog biting incident involving his dog Major, according to a new book which covers the administration.

According to author Chris Whipple in his book "The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden's White House," Biden's distrust stems from the fact that some agents are strong supporters of former President Trump.

"A bigger problem was Biden’s discomfort with his Secret Service detail; some of them were MAGA sympathizers. He didn’t trust them," Whipple wrote, according to The Hill.

Biden’s detail as president is much larger than it was when he was vice president, and now many agents are “MAGA sympathizers” and “the Secret Service is full of white ex-cops from the South who tend to be deeply conservative,” Whipple wrote.

The Secret Service response to the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol after Trump tried to politicize the agency and made Tony Ornato deputy White House chief of staff for operations added to the president’s concerns. -The Hill

"Surrounded by a new phalanx of strangers, Biden couldn’t help but wonder, Do these people really want me here?" wrote Whipple.

What's more, when news emerged that the Secret Service had deleted most messages from Jan. 6, Biden allegedly felt that the "Secret Service had looked both incompetent and politicized."

As for the dog - specifically, a March 2021 incident in which the president's German shepherd, Major, allegedly bit a Secret Service agent - Biden was reportedly skeptical, and "wasn't buying the details" - such as where the incident occurred, Whipple wrote. According to Biden, Secret Service agents are 'never' at the location of the incident - the second floor of the White House.

"Somebody was lying, Biden thought, about the way the incident had gone down," according to Whipple.

Except there were two dog biting incidents; one on March 8, 2021, and another one several weeks later which took place on the White House South Lawn.

Major, believed to be the first shelter rescue animal to live at the White House, received private training following the incident.