St. Louis Fed Has Some Advice For Your Thanksgiving Dinner: Eat Plants, Not Poultry

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Nov 22, 2021 - 10:45 AM

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis posted some climate-crisis-approved nutrition advice on its blog on Saturday ahead of Thanksgiving.

"A Thanksgiving dinner serving of poultry costs $1.42. A soybean-based dinner serving with the same amount of calories costs 66 cents and provides almost twice as much protein," the St. Louis Fed's Twitter account said. 

The tweet was widely unpopular given that it was "ratioed," meaning there were a more significant number of replies or comments than likes.

The tweet was poorly timed. It comes as some of the highest consumer price readings in decades have been reported. Soaring inflation has wiped out real wage gains this year as consumer sentiment collapses. But that doesn't stop the Fed's social media team propaganda arm from telling people they should consume a cheaper plant-based diet than more expensive turkey and all the servings.  

Is this The Fed's solution to the death knell of its "transitory" inflation narrative (and negative real wages)?

Someone should tell the Fed that the rise in poultry and soybean costs since Thanksgiving in 2019 (before the pandemic and before their insane money-printing) are relatively the same. 

Instead of curtailing persistently high inflation, the Fed is up to its old tricks, doing what it knows best: soothing nerves of consumers who are about to pay the most ever for Thanksgiving this year because of soaring food inflation. 

In another way, the Fed is "literally telling us have fun eating poorly," one Twitter user said

Crypto entrepreneur Anthony Pompliano responded to the tweet by saying, "I don't think anyone is looking for nutrition advice from a central bank. It would be easier for you all to curtail the persistently high inflation that you created, rather than take on a national nutrition campaign." 

Pompliano is right. Americans don't need a woke Fed telling them about nutrition. But maybe there's an underline agenda the monetary wonks are secretly pushing... 

Remember that "Davos Man," or the elites of the world, have been pushing a plant/insect-based diet during the 'Great COVID Reset.' The EU has approved the sale of worms as food to be consumed by humans. They're also pushing to put weeds and sewage on people's menus. 

A drastic reduction in living standards for the plebs is here as plants and bugs will be for the working poor and turkey and fine wine for the elites in their ivory towers. If you don't believe us, the world's largest insect protein factory farm is being built in central Illinois. 

And it could be worse. At least leaders in the Western world aren't pushing the consumption of black swans amid a crippling food shortage in North Korea. 

We can't wait for the Fed's nutrition advice ahead of Christmas. Who is ready for cricket pie?