Stocks Sink As Global Times Suggests China In No Hurry To Sign Trade Deal

Global Times English edition reportedly  quotes China shouldn't be in a hurry to sign the Phase One Agreement.

A Chinese delegation will likely travel to Washington next week to sign the agreement, experts said. However, specific dates for the delegation's departure and the signing ceremony are unclear.

As of press time, Chinese officials have not publicly announced details regarding the trip and the signature of the phase one agreement. US officials have been releasing differing information concerning the deal.

US President Donald Trump said in a tweet on December 31 that he will sign the phase one deal at the White House on January 15, and that high-level representatives from China will be present. Chinese officials have not publically confirmed the US president's announcement.

And this follows comments that China will not increase Ag quotas to meet US demands.

And while the market has been quick to ignore any potential negatives in th etrade deal recently, today it seems to have triggered some algos to sell...

Cue Kudlow or Trump comments on how well the trade deal is going.