Tesla Battery Fire At PG&E Substation Closes California Highway

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Sep 20, 2022 - 04:21 PM

There are reports of a utility-scale battery fire at a PG&E facility in Moss Landing, an area located in Monterey County, California. 

Local media says the fire has forced a temporary closure of Highway 1 along a 6-mile stretch from Portero Road to Salinas Road. 

Bloomberg headlines note the fire at the PG&E substation originated from a Tesla battery pack, but the size of the utility-scale battery has yet to be determined. 

Here are images of the fire:

The incident comes as utilities increasingly rely on large lithium-ion batteries to store renewable energy from the wind and the sun. These batteries are similar to ones used in electric cars and are also prone to fires. 

Last July, a massive Tesla Megapack caught fire in Australia's Victoria state. The blaze took three days to be extinguished. 

There's no official word on what caused the Tesla battery pack fire in California this morning.