Tesla Pleads For Employees To Help With "Very High Volume" Of Deliveries Heading Into Quarter-End

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022 - 06:45 AM

Stop us if you've heard this one before: we're heading into the end of the quarter and an email has magically leaked to the pro-Tesla blog over at electrek - and again it's a plea from Elon Musk to his employees to help keep up with incredible delivery demand.

It almost feels like we relive this same scenario every single quarter...

Regardless, it's looking like Q3 2022 isn't going to be the exception, with electrek dutifully reporting this morning that Tesla is expecting a "very high volume" of vehicle deliveries during the end of the quarter. 

And the organization is - wait for it - asking for all employee hands on deck. "We have been starting to get indications that it could be another intense delivery push," the blog wrote on Tuesday morning. 

In an email obtained by electrek, Tesla wrote to its employees: "We will be delivering a very high volume of vehicles to eagerly waiting customers during the final days of Q3. To help ensure we can delight as many customers as possible, the delivery team is requesting additional support with key delivery-execution tasks."

Tesla calls for all employees to help with tasks related to delivering vehicles in the email. This includes employees not in the sales and delivery department potentially partaking in tasks like "preparing vehicles, delivering vehicles directly to customers, and answering customer questions on delivery day", the blog says. 

For the quarter, analysts are expecting deliveries between 350,000 and 370,000. The company's previous record was about 310,000 units, which it achieved in Q1 of this year. Delivery numbers are expected to be released this weekend. 

"There’s no doubt that this quarter is going to be another delivery record," electrek writes with bold certainty. "But the last few days of the month could make the difference between Tesla hitting the lower end or the higher end of those 350,000- to 370,000-unit delivery estimates."

How soon until electrek's staff flies out to California to help wash cars and prepare them for delivery, too?