Tesla Recalls 127,785 Vehicles In China Due To Possible Inverter Failure

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Apr 09, 2022 - 02:00 AM

The tsunami of Tesla recalls that started months ago shows no signs of stopping. The most recent recall was announced this morning, when it was reported that 34,207 imported and 93,578 China-made vehicles were being recalled.

The recall is due to a possible inverter failure, according to Bloomberg, who cited a statement from State Administration for Market Regulation.

The vehicles in question were produced between January 11, 2019 and January 25, 2022. 

Gordon Johnson of GLJ Research said in a Thursday morning note to clients: "This does not sound like an over-the-air update (i.e., these cars will likely have to be fixed, manually), and seems (very) important/critical (i.e., losing power while moving)..."

It is the latest in a flurry of recalls by Tesla. More than one million Teslas have been recalled in recent months. 

... and the recalls could increase as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced in February that it's reviewing complaints about Tesla vehicles suddenly braking at high speeds. 

"This process includes discussions with the manufacturer, as well as reviewing additional data sources, including Early Warning Reporting data. If the data show that a risk may exist, NHTSA will act immediately," according to a statement from the agency. 

NHTSA reviewed complaints from drivers about 'phantom braking' on highways resulting in near-collisions. 

One unidentified 2021 Tesla Model 3 driver in Madison, Wisconsin, complained about his unexpected braking incident on a major highway last month. "I was driving north on Wisconsin route 14 at about 60 mph in my Tesla model 3 using the cruise control," the driver said, adding that the sudden braking almost sparked an accident. 

Popular automotive magazine Car and Driver has been right: Tesla cars are "hampered by quality problems." 

We wrote in February that the number of new stories on the Bloomberg terminal covering the keyword "Tesla recall" has surged over the last three years.