Tesla Sells More Products It Doesn't (Yet) Make, Than Products It Does

Submitted by Gordon Johnson of GLJ Research

A few things we think are worth considering when it comes to TSLA - out of the 9 products they’ve announced and sell, they only actively make 3 of them (and demand for those three products appear to have peaked) while the other 6 products they sell are vaporware, i.e., products that do not exist – yes, you heard that right:

TSLA’s current cars in production include:

  • Model 3 (ASPs and units are in severe decline, and sales were down -49% y/y in Oct. in its biggest market, the USA)
  • Model X (sales have collapsed in both the US and globally)
  • Model S (same as Model X)

Meanwhile, here are TSLA’s current cars/products not in production:

  • Roadster (unveil was 2yrs ago)
  • Semi (unveil was 2yrs ago)
  • Model Y (TSLA refuses to mention how many pre-orders they’ve received here)
  • Cybertruck ($100 fully-refundable deposits on a car that will likely cost $60K, or  0.167%, is the equivalent of someone putting $1.67 toward an $1,000 i-Phone & apple calling it an order)
  • ATV
  • FSD (to be FSD, TSLA would have had to achieve level 5 autonomy… they’re at level 2)

So… TSLA has more vaporware products (i.e., stuff that doesn’t exist) than real products for sale; and, it’s real products are seeing large negative y/y growth currently.

Oh… and what about E. Musk’s promise that:

  • TSLA would have flying cars (he made this claim 322 days ago),
  • TSLA would create break pads that never need to be replaced (he made this claim 336 days ago),
  • TSLA would have a base on Mars in 2028 (he made this claim 432 days ago),
  • TSLA would have a one hour body shop (this claim happened 437 days ago),
  • he would fix the water in all Flint houses above FDA levels (he made this claim 504 days ago),
  • there would be no more mass layoffs (533 days, and multiple layoffs, ago), etc.?

The point is… each claim he makes is picked up by every media site and taken as “gospel”; so, maybe the media should go to this website (link) and start holding him to some of these claims?