Tesla Shooting To Double Vehicles Sold In Germany To 80,000 This Year

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Sep 20, 2022 - 09:45 AM

Despite the fact that the company is having trouble securing the political support to expand its Germany manufacturing facilities, Tesla is still seeking to double vehicle sales in the country to 80,000 this year, a new report from Bloomberg says. 

The company sold 39,714 units in 2021 and so far has sold 24,734 units through August of 2022. The company is going to try and lure in additional customers via "the opening of stores and improved servicing offers," the report says. 

Recall just days ago we reported that a vote on the expansion of Tesla's German factory in Grünheide had been been delayed, according to reports from German Media

A planned discussion about the plants development that was planned for a September council meeting will no longer take place, according to translated versions of the report, which cites the mayor of Grünheide, Arne Christiani. 

Tesla is seeking to expand its 300 hectare factory by another 100 hectares, the report notes, in order to build a freight depot and expand production capabilities. 

Christiani said he wasn't sure if the topic could even be brought up this year. He took the item of the agenda after, in June, the Grünheide main committee had approved plans for the expansion and had recommended that the local council draw up a plan. 

Bloomberg reported that the expansion was "postponed indefinitely". 

Christiani said there is still a need for clarity about the expansion, according to the German media report. 

Building in Germany has been one headache after the next for Tesla, who has dealt with local red tape in addition to pushback from environmentalist groups, over the last several years. 

Recall, last summer, we commented on the ongoing war between Tesla and German environmentalists who were trying to prevent the erection of the plant.