Thousands Stuck On Cruise Ships After Hurricane Shuttered Florida Ports

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Sep 30, 2022 - 06:49 PM

Travel website "The Points Guy" reported that thousands of cruise ship passengers are stuck at sea this week because Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc across southwestern and central Florida, forcing some ports across the state to close temporarily. 

Cruise ships that departed from Florida before Hurricane Ian made landfall on Wednesday had to extend their schedules because some ports remain closed. 

Three major ones — Port Canaveral, Jacksonville Port Authority, and Port Tampa Bay, remain temporarily closed or have disruptions, preventing cruise ships from docking. 

The Points Guy said, "at least five Florida-based cruise vessels won't be able to return to their home ports on Thursday as scheduled to disembark the passengers," adding these ships "are spending extra time at sea and at cruise destinations in the Caribbean and the Bahamas." 

"The delayed returns mean that nearly 20,000 cruisers this week are getting an extension of their vacations — whether they want one or not," The Points Guy noted. 

Social media is full of cruise ship passengers complaining about being "stuck at sea": 

Others were happy about the extended stay...