Two Hour Lines In The UK At McDonald's As Drive-Thrus Reopen

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Jun 03, 2020 - 2:45

McDonald's has started to reopen 924 drive-through restaurants in the UK and Ireland. The process will take three days, but by the end of the week, about 64% of McDonald's restaurants will be serving Big Macs to hungry customers.

Each branch will have a slimmed-down menu and limited operating hours, between 11 am-10 pm until further notice. Reduced operating hours means there is no breakfast food. Dining areas of all restaurants will remain closed to the public. 

Limited hours and no breakfast have likely caused a stir among some customers, who will also learn this week that a new spending cap of £25 ($31.30) will be applied on all drive-through orders. 

Limited Menu

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The reopenings come after several months of closures following strict lockdown orders enforced by the government to flatten the pandemic curve. COVID-19 devastated the UK with 277,738 confirmed cases, and 39,127 deaths, and 25,062 confirmed cases and 1,650 deaths in Ireland, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins (June 2). 

About 168 McDonald's drive-thrus opened on Tuesday, along with two dozen locations opened for at-home delivery orders only.

The Daily Mail reports today's opening was an absolute madhouse for many locations, which saw a flood of people who wanted to get their hands on Big Macs and McNuggets. Some people waited upwards of two hours to get their hands on a burger -- with police managing traffic around several places as lines poured onto the streets.  

After consulting with police, managers at McDonald's in Newbridge, near Edinburgh, have decided to close the drive thru lane temporarily to traffic amid unprecedented demand today. - Daily Mail

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Two drive-thru lanes are packed with cars at Livingston's McDonald's, which reopened at 11 am with new social distancing measures in place. - Daily Mail

Over 70 cars are queuing for up to two hours this afternoon to get a McDonalds Drive Thru on the Middlebrook Retail Park in Bolton, Gtr Manchester, with the line snaking around the car park. - Daily Mail

Marshalls direct the queue of cars waiting to get their McDonald's fix today in Astley Bridge, Bolton. - Daily Mail

Drive-thru lanes were packed in Dunstable as McDonald's reopened at 11 am on Tuesday, but customers can only order up to £25 worth of food at a time. - Daily Mail 

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Peace and calm were widely seen as McDonald's reopened some European locations, unlike the US, rioters are burning down shops in a fit of rage.