Two Men Ejected From Flight At San Fran Airport After Fighting Over Elbow Room

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jun 17, 2021 - 07:00 PM

Despite the fact that Covid restrictions are somewhat undergoing the process of being lifted, people sure do still seem ornery.

For proof, look no further than a United Airlines plane at San Francisco International Airport, where two passengers had to be removed from the plane after an argument over elbow room on an armrest. Maybe airlines should take note of what these disruptions cost as they figure out new and creative ways to cram economy flyers even closer together. 

Google product director Jack Krawczyk documented the spat on Twitter, writing: “On my first flight in 15 months, of course we were rerouted back to the gate because two passengers got into a physical altercation over elbow placement upon arm rests.”

The flight was on its way to Las Vegas when the incident took place before takeoff, the NY Post reports. The men involved in the altercation haven't been identified, but were detained when an officer arrived at the gate. 

Despite neither man wanting to "pursue further police action", they weren't allowed back on the flight.

One response to Krawczyk's Tweet read: "This is fucking why I HATE traveling economy. You're cramming a bunch of uneducated low lives into cheap seats with barely any leg and arm room and expecting them to be civil? Throw in them having to wear masks now and good LUCK."

Despite the lifting of Covid restrictions, people still seem to be on edge. Forbes noted earlier this month that "airlines have seen a dramatic increase in in-flight passenger incidents and these have gotten increasingly violent and dangerous". 

About 2,500 incidents have been reported through May. 394 of these incidents have been labeled "unruly", compared to "well under 200" such incidents for the full years 2019 and 2020.