Two Carjackings In Midtown Manhattan Took Place Within An Hour Of Each Other This Week

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jan 15, 2022 - 07:00 PM

Among Mayor Eric Adams' first tasks in New York City should be getting his District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who has telegraphed little more than total apathy towards criminal behavior to the city, under control. 

Otherwise, situations like the one that occurred this week - when two carjackings occurred in Midtown Manhattan within an hour of each other - are going to continue.

On Wednesday, one carjacking took place at W. 55th Street and Broadway and another happened at W. 36th Street near 7th Avenue - within an hour of one another.

The first incident took place at about 4:30 PM, according to the NY Post. A male suspect stole a black Audi SUV after threatening the driver with a taser.

Photo: NY Post

Video of the incident shows the suspect then hit a second vehicle, a sedan, head-on. The suspect then ditched the Audi near Columbus Circle and fled the scene.

The suspect reportedly hit the gas after police ordered him out of the vehicle.

“He started hitting my car, going the wrong way into me. It’s scary … my car got hit,” a nearby victim said.

The second incident took place about 45 minutes later. A black Infiniti was stolen by a suspect with a box cutter.

And of course, both suspects still remain on the loose.

We're sure DA Bragg is already drafting excuses for the suspects and how they're victims of a repressive system that has forced them into a life of crime. We can't wait for that press conference...