Unhinged Jamaal Bowman Goes On Profanity-Laden Rant At Bronx Rally With AOC

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Jun 23, 2024 - 06:35 PM

Fire alarm specialist Rep. Jamaal Bowman of New York delivered a an unhinged rant at a rally on Saturday, criticizing U.S. involvement in Israel and AIPAC and flailing his arms wildly while starting to chant his own name at one point.

"We are gonna show f---ing AIPAC the power of the motherf---ing South Bronx," he screamed at the crowd. 

Bowman is up for re-election this Tuesday and is currently getting absolutely smoked in the polls, down 48% to 31% to George Latimer, according to Fox News

He targeted the American Israel Public Affairs Committee for its recent $14 million campaign against his reelection due to his stance on Israel.

Bowman has been a longtime critic of the Israeli government and its war against Hamas in Gaza and described the conflict as a genocide against Palestinians. At the rally, he reiterated that U.S. dollars are funding the killing of innocent civilians.

"Cease fire now!" he had the crowd chanting while taking a wooden stool and slamming it onto the stage repeatedly. 

"People ask me why I got a foul mouth. What am I supposed to do? You coming after me. You coming after my family. You coming after my children. I'm not supposed to fight back? I'm not supposed to fight back? We're gonna show them who the f--- we are," Bowman shrieked on stage. 

"We are not gonna stay silent while the U.S. tax dollar kills babies and women and children. My opponent supports genocide. My opponent and AIPAC are the ones destroying our democracy," he added, stating: "And it is on us, it is on all of us to save our democracy and save our collective humanity. Because this race is about our collective humanity."

And of course AOC was there to help "turn up a vote". Bowman added: "Cease fire now, let's get it poppin'"

AOC went on her own unhinged rant later in the rally, even forcing out a 'y'all' to try and blend in and act as though she doesn't spend a majority of her waking hours far outside of the Bronx: