Vegas Strip Club Offers Drive-Thru Peep Show Amid Social Distancing Rules  

A Las Vegas strip club is staying open during the virus crisis despite a 30-day shutdown of the city recommended by Gov. Steve Sisolak. The club is now offering patrons a chance to see dancers via a drive-through window, reported Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Little Darlings Las Vegas, located at 1514 Western Ave, will launch one of the first drive-through strip clubs in Sin City this Saturday with social-distancing rules in mind.

"We're going to offer drive-up window strip shows," said Ryan Carlson, director of operations for Little Darlings.

"Guests can drive up to the front door and we're going to have dancers separate by the 6-foot separation rule and they can enjoy a totally nude show right from the seat of their car." 

The 10-minute show will allow patrons to watch dancers from the comfort of their automobiles. The new service starts at 8 p.m. Saturday and continues as long as the government enforces social distancing rules. Each patron is expected to pay $100 plus tip.

"As funny as it sounds, Little Darlings has been around for 30 years, and we pretty much sell out almost every night of the week," Carlson said. "It probably won't be any busier than normal because, as I said, we kind of reach capacity every night anyway."

Carlson said the strip club is offering a special show this weekend of "nude triple-X hand sanitizer wrestling."

"We have about 20 gallons of hand sanitizer, and we're doing a cool nude hand sanitizer wrestling show."

As for the means of payment, we noted several years ago that strippers in Vegas have already started getting QR wallet tattoos to process crypto. Physical dollars can carry upwards of 3,000 different types of bacteria on it. COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for up to nine or so days.

Who would've thought a viral outbreak would transform the economy so quickly? So now you can roll up to a strip club in Vegas via drive-through, and maybe one day pay via crypto.