Visualizing The Rise And Fall Of Ammo Prices 

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jun 17, 2021 - 11:40 PM

Ammo prices across all calibers are coming down in price since April but remain well above their pre-COVID levels, according to Redditor "chainwaxologist," sourcing data from Ammo Seek.  

Readers are pretty familiar with the massive grab for guns and ammo during the virus pandemic and social unrest of the 2020s. The result of unprecedented demand resulted in gun and ammo prices reaching historic levels. At some points, there were even shortages

Since the previous update in April 2021, we have seen steep declines in the lowest available Cost Per Round (CPR) price across all calibers. 

All prices for calibers in this sample have declined from their highs between -36% (5.56) to -57% (22LR). Most calibers peaked in price after the 2020 presidential election in January 2021. Several calibers, notably 12 gauge and 380 Auto, peaked around April 2021.

All calibers are still priced at a nearly 50% premium higher than their pre-pandemic pricing (7.62 is the lowest with a 25% premium), but extrapolating recent price declines indicate that prices may normalize to pre-pandemic levels in the next 3-6 months, barring another exogenous event causing them to rise again. - Chainwaxologist 

The chart below shows the cost per round exploding higher during the pandemic, social unrest, and when Biden won the presidential elections. 

On a percentage basis, the cost per round compared to pre-COVID is coming down but still elevated. 

The latest decline in price may suggest two things. First, demand from retail is exhausted, and second, manufacturers might have increased supply. The good news is ammo is becoming cheaper, but returning to pre-pandemic levels may never happen. There's just too much demand as the country spirals into chaos under liberal control - people want protection - and the best protection and most common is a 9mm handgun.