Watch Live: Peter Schiff, Raoul Pal And Brent Santiago Debate Where To Invest In 2021

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Feb 07, 2021 - 01:16 PM

Stuck indoors on a boring, snowy Sunday? Why not turn on the latest live debate organized by Cambridge House CEO Jay Martin which pits Raoul Pal, Peter Schiff, Grant Williams, Brent Johnson and others as they debate what happens next and what is the best asset class for 2021: Gold, USD, or Cryptocurrencies.

Where Is The Life Raft? Where to Invest in 2021 - Stocks, Gold, Bitcoin, USD or Commodities?

10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

  • Intro - Jay Martin, CEO of Cambridge House

10:05AM PT / 1:05PM ET

  • Bitcoin vs USD vs Gold for 2021
  • Raoul Pal | CEO, Real Vision & Global Macro Intelligence
  • Brent Johnson | CEO, Santiago Capital
  • Peter Schiff | CEO, EuroPacific Capital

10:50AM PT / 1:50PM ET

  • Fury Gold Mines
  • Mike Timmins, CEO
  • Ivan Bebek, Chair
  • Michael Hendrickson, Senior VP of Exploration

11:05AM PT / 2:05PM ET

  • Grant Williams | Author, Things That Make you Go Hmm...  Grant Williams Podcast

11:45AM PT / 2:45PM ET

  • Danielle DiMartino Booth | CEO, Quill Intelligence

Watch live below