Trump "Doing Very Well", Is "Fever-Free" And "Improving", Doctors Say

Update (1135ET): Trump's doctors have begun their briefing, saying that Trump has needed no supplemental oxygen, and is doing "very well" and is "improving" as of Saturday morning. Trump no longer has a fever, Dr. Conley said, and hasn't had one since Friday morning, he said.

At the moment, there is "no cause of conern," regarding the president's condition.

Conley and the team were reluctant to put a timeline on when Trump might be discharged, but said that they would be reevaluating whether "he needs to be here" every morning.

Asked why the team is using remdesivir on top of other treatments, the doctor said he would be "maximizing" treatment for the president.

He refused to get into when Trump's last negative test was.

When pressed by reporters about whether Trump had received oxygen during his course of treatment, Dr. Conley demurred, saying only that the president "wasn't on oxygen right now" and had not been on oxygen recently, though he refused to offer more details. The doctor refused to answer any questions about how the president might have been infected, and when. He added that the president hasn't had any trouble breathing at the hospital.

But a few minutes later, reporters returned to the subject of the oxygen, likely prompted by the fact that some on social media claimed they thought he was concealing an oxygen tank before departing on Marine One.

Finally, Dr. Conley was forced to lay out a timeline, but left out a period on Friday before the president arrived at the hospital. After the reporters managed to pin down that Trump had received Oxygen earlier on Friday, the press briefing was abruptly ended with calls of "last question." As the crowd filtered out, some reporters lingered to talk with Dr. Conley and the other doctors, who said another update would be coming later.

Asked about hydroxychloroquine, Dr. Conley said that while Trump had asked about the medication, it wasn't prescribed. He refused to offer more details.

"Thursday no oxygen, none at this moment, and yesterday with the team, while we were all here, he was not on oxygen.

When it comes to risk factors, Dr. Conley said Trump "male, he's 74...he's a little overweight...but other than that, his health is great." The doctor added that his cholesteral, blood pressure and heart rate were all "normal".

"He's a male...and he's a little overweight...but other than that, his health his great," the doctor said, adding that Trump's cholesteral and blood pressure were "great".

Doctors also let slip that Trump is believed to be about 72 hours into his infection, a notion that the mainstream press is already taking to heart.

The treatment plane is for 5 days of remdesivir, but it's unclear whether Trump will remain at Walter Read for the entire 5-day period.

Why was the decision made to transfer him here? "Because he's the president of the United States," Dr. Conley said.

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Update (1115ET): Doctors are reportedly finishing up their exam of the president as we speak, but a reporter for ABC News has just confirmed with their sources that the president is "well rested" as of Saturday morning.

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Trump's doctor, Dr. Sean Conley, is delivering an update on the president's condition live from Walter Reed.

As a reminder, here are all the meds Trump has been prescribed.