Watch: Drunk, Unconscious Tesla Driver Barreling Down Norwegian Highway At 70 MPH

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Aug 01, 2021 - 03:55 PM

Stunning new video out of Norway shows a man asleep, drunk in a Tesla, barreling down a two lane highway.

A second driver pulls up to the Tesla and takes video of the incident, which was caught on video here

The incident took place in the town of Ski, where the man appeared to be completely unconscious behind the wheel. At one point, Autopilot becomes engaged, the car turns on its hazard lights and comes to a stop. 

Eventually, authorities arrived on the scene. Ski police Tweeted out details of the incident and confirmed the driver was "heavily drunk", according to Tesmanian. The man then fell asleep at the wheel and then denied driving the vehicle after he was woken up. 

The man has subsequently had his license suspended.

The video shows the driver doing about 111 km/hr, or about 70 mph, down the highway with his head slumped over to one side.

Hilariously, instead of pointing out the obvious giant issue with using Autopilot to be your designated driver home, the pro-Tesla lot over at Tesmanian covered the incident with the lede: "Tesla Autopilot Saves Life of Drunk Driver Who Falls Asleep While Driving".

The article wrote:

Tesla Autopilot can have a significant impact on the consequences of drunk driving. With advanced functions, it not only monitors the safety of the vehicle on the road but can also stop the vehicle if the driver shows signs of inattention and does not respond to warning signals. Tesla Autopilot saves lives.

Come to think of it; when Autopilot itself isn't thrusting Tesla vehicles and their beta-testing drivers into inanimate objects, they may have a point!