"We Got Too Slow" - Burger King To Axe Menu Items To Speed Up Drive-Thru Times

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Dec 06, 2021 - 04:00 AM

On Wednesday, Jose Cil, CEO of Restaurant Brands International, which owns Burger King, told attendees at Morgan Stanley's Global Consumer and Retail Conference that it will cut menu items to speed up drive-thru times. 

Cil said the company noticed drive-thru times "declined significantly" since the pandemic began. In response to streamlining the drive-thru experience, he said certain menu items would be eliminated. 

"We're working on eliminating SKUs that – we're simplifying processes that have become a bit too complicated in terms of sandwich builds, and doing a better job in terms of the menu design to make it easier for the customer, at the drive-thru in particular, to make quicker decisions," he said.

Cil did not mention what menu items would be eliminated but said his goal is to speed up drive-thru times. 

"Given the volume increases in drive-thru, it's a really easy win in terms of driving additional volume in our business," Cil said. "We got too slow, and we need to address that."

So which menu item(s) gets axed?

He noted the fast-food chain would be adding technology to stores, such as digital menu boards, to make drive-thrus more efficient. There was no mention if automation and artificial intelligence would be added to the kitchen to alleviate labor shortages. 

We suspect that whatever menu items gets axed by corporate, angry customers will take to social media about the changes.

There's also reason to believe that if Burger King is concerned about drive-thru times and possibly even consistency -- they will eventually automate kitchens in the latter part of this decade, or sooner.