"What If This Is The Start Of A Bounce": Goldman Trader Lists 10 Factors That Can Propel A Year-End Melt Up

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Oct 19, 2022 - 06:59 PM

First, it was Morgan Stanley's Michael Wilson, flipping (tactically) bullish and calling for 4,150. Then, BofA's permabear Michael Hartnett pointing to "macro capitulation, investor capitulation, and start of policy capitulation" and strongly suggesting that the bottom is almost here. Then JPMorgan's incorrigible permabull Marko Kolanovic turned bearish (a bullish sign if there ever was one), and now, Goldman flow trade Michael Nocerino chimes in asking rhetorically in his latest market note if it's time to "pounce on the bounce?"

While Nocerino clearly hedges by recognizing that "we are at the mercy of the Fed and Inflation data," he asks "what if we get these factors to line up and propel us into year-end."

The ten factors the Goldman trader is pointing to are the following :