Who Is Showing What? A Complete Guide To All The Streaming TV Original Shows

Walt Disney’s much-anticipated debut of its new streaming video service was marred by early technical glitches that prevented some users from logging in and created difficulties for others who wanted to watch movies and shows, a result of a problem stemming in part from computer servers operated by another company. Still, there was enough excitement and buzz on social media and worked successfully for many subscribers, helping push the company's stock 1.4% higher.

Yet once the initial euphoria fizzles, consumers will be far more focused on the product line ups at all the various direct streaming services that are now popping up on a monthly, if not weekly basis.

To help dispel some of the confusion, we highlight some of the original content titles coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and HBO that will be used to differentiate all the various steaming services in their pursuit of your monthly $9.99 (plus or minus).

As Bank of America notes, The Irishman, 6 Underground and The Witcher as most important for Netflix, while a large number of first-season series could include some surprises. There is also an increasing number of (expensive to make) films in the lineup from Netflix, with BofA noting that it sees increased uncertainty in this push as to how big name films will impact subscriber acquisition compared to Netflix's more traditional route of TV originals.

The Netflix lineup is expected to continue to widely outpace originals releases from Amazon, Hulu and HBO. HBO's Watchmen and His Dark Materials, based on popular fantasy/comic IP, is expected to aid AT&T's new service. Additionally, there is a summary of original releases from Apple TV+ and Disney +. Titles highlighted in bold in the table below are those which BofA thinks have the potential garner larger audiences, although surprises likely lurk among the new season launches.

Finally, for those asking who is currently winning the global direct streaming wars, the answer remains Netflix by a mile, but Amazon is rapidly catching up...

... while in the US alone it is increasingly a three-way fight between Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.