Public Humiliation: Hitachi Develops "Fish Bubble" To Enforce Social-Distancing

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Oct 14, 2020 - 05:00 AM

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Tech company Hitachi has developed a ‘fish bubble’ that enforces social distancing by essentially humiliating anyone who gets too close to another person in public.

“Japanese tech firms step in to help prevent coronavirus infections,” reports NHK News, with a clip of the ‘fish bubble’ in action.

To “ensure people keep their distance,” the system uses sensors to detect people’s location and then projects a 2 meter circle around their body which depicts cartoon fish swimming around inside the bubble.

If a person violates the 2 meter rule, the fish “escape” the bubble and presumably the person is warned to change their behavior.

The promo video brags that the technology “can even be deployed inside elevators” and Hitachi is “hoping to get the technology commercialized quickly.”

Given that China is already linking social distancing technology to its onerous social credit score system, how long before people start receiving fines and other punishments for violating social distancing?

“Sorry, Winston, your fish escaped the bubble three times today, that’s a 10 point deduction on your social credit score. You are banned from using the Internet and won’t be able to make non-essential purchases for 7 days.”

As we have previously highlighted, companies are developing all kinds of bizarre bubbles and pods to facilitate social distancing in a post-corona “new normal” world.

Just like mask mandates, how long before this all becomes a necessity merely to go about your daily life?

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