These Are The Most (And Least) Trusted People In The World

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Oct 27, 2021 - 03:50 AM

Trust me, I'm a doctor. So goes the well-worn phrase, and as survey by Ipsos reveals, medical professionals are indeed the most trusted group in the world.

A total 64 percent said they think doctors are trustworthy, while just 10 percent said they rather didn't trust them - making for a net trust level of 54 percent. As Statista's Martin Armstrong notes, scientists were close behind with a net trustworthiness of 51 percent while teachers rounded off the top three with 43 percent.

Infographic: The Most and Least Trusted People in the World | Statista

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At the other end of the scale, politicians have come out as the least trustworthy group of people with a net score of -52 percent.

Malaysia and India displayed the highest levels of trust in politicians - 18 and 19 percent, respectively, said they trusted them there. Argentina and Columbia had the least trust - 3 and 4 percent.

Malaysia and India were in fact the most trusting nations in the survey when taking responses to all categories into consideration. Colombia and Chile were the least trusting.