US Black Hawk Helicopter Appears In Use By Ukraine's Military Intelligence

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Feb 24, 2023 - 08:30 AM

Authored by Kyle Anzalone & Will Porter via The Libertarian Institute, 

Ukraine’s military intelligence agency has shared photos of a Black Hawk helicopter. The American-made aircraft was painted with a Ukrainian flag, and the intel org suggested it was used in military operations

Two photos showing a Black Hawk were posted on the Twitter account and website of Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence on Tuesday. A press release accompanying the images said the agency had recently completed military missions.

"Military intelligence aviation of Ukraine continues its work on the front line of the defense of our country. Reconnaissance pilots have just returned from another combat mission," it said, adding that "Combat helicopters significantly increase the capabilities of the special units of the Main Directorate of Intelligence and the effectiveness of special operations."

Another aircraft seen in the photos was identified by the Drive as a Ukrainian Mi-24 Hind.

It is unclear how Kiev obtained the American helicopter or whether it has been used in combat operations. Officially, the White House has approved sending Soviet-era Mi-17 Helicopters – aircraft formerly owned by the Afghan government prior to its collapse in 2021 – though it has made no mention of Black Hawks to date

In June, the assault and reconnaissance wing of the Intelligence Directorate, known as the 'Shaman battalion,' claimed to have carried out operations inside Russian territory, according to the Times of London. The outlet said the commandos were flown into the country via helicopter, but did not specify what type.

Despite repeated demands from Kiev, President Joe Biden has resisted sending long-range weapons over concerns they could be used for attacks on Russian soil.

However, the White House has nonetheless authorized increasingly heavy arms shipments, including the ground-launched small-diameter bomb (GLSDB), which can strike targets more than 90 miles away, as well as dozens of advanced HIMARS multi-launch rocket platforms, a Patriot missile battery and a number of other systems.