Following QE8, Japanese Teachers' Pension Fund Goes All-In: Focus on 'Return' Not 'Risk'

"We have decided to focus on return... we need a certain level of return no matter how the market condition is" is how the general manager of Japan's Teachers' Mutual Aid pension fund justifies their plan to push JPY100bn (of their JPY600bn) into riskier assets from J-REITs to hedge funds. As Bloomberg notes, the firm is adopting a new strategy designed to counter a decline in the value of traditional equity and bond asset classes. Notably, following last week's Illinois pension-fund target return markdown, the Japanese fund targets only 3-5% thanks to QE8 and two decades of repression and stumble through. Even achieving these targets means throwing out the 'risk' side of the equation as they push into foreign bonds (cue next European sovereign bond rumor) and chase momentum in Tokyo real estate (TSEREIT up 19% YTD). Haven't we seen this picture before - and it didn't end well?