Debate Post-Mortem: Fast-Talking Romney For 'The People' As Obama Asks Gingerly If 'Got Medicare?'

As Mr. Lehrer stumbled through the evening and the incumbent's odds of a repeat fell as fast as his frustration appeared to rise, a few things became very clear. President Obama spoke for over four minutes longer than Governor Romney in this evening's slug-fest. However, the fast-talking Mitt managed to squeeze in over 8300 words as opposed to Barack's 7400 words. The word-clouds below suggest each of the candidates' focus tonight with Obama appearing focused on his opponent 'Governor Romney' with heavy use of the words 'Got' and 'Medicare'; while word-wrangler Romney focused on 'People', 'Get', 'Going', 'Government', and 'Plan' (and no 'zinger'). If you are still standing after the drinking games, here are the details...


The market is voting after-hours - as Intrade's Obama Odds are dead-cat-bouncing lower on decent volume... (though obviously still a 66.5 to 33.5 leader)



According to CNN:


We calculate that to be:

  • Obama managed a brisk 172 words per minute in his 42:50, while
  • Romney managed a speed-freak-ish 217 words per minute in his 38:32


and the entire debate was over 16,000 words (including Mr. Lehrer's interruptions...)


with Mr. Romney's focus... People, Get, Going, Government, Plan


and President Obama's focus... Governor Romney, Got, Going, Medicare, Insurance; and 'Make, People, Think'


So, Romney 'outperformed' Obama by 26.2% in fast-talking?


Please note - (we have not pro forma-ed these numbers for lack of teleprompter)


...and, by way of non-fiction flashback, on this day a mere 70 years ago, the President was raising taxes, fixing wages and prices, and in the middle of a war...