Regime-On / Regime-Off As Oil Round-Trips Yesterday's Losses

Confirming that it is always the markets who make the news, especially when the news is explained by "world renowned commodity experts" who really are only long of newsletter sales in constantly wrong terms, yesterday's slide in oil was quickly and clinically "justified" with the near certainty that Iran's regime was on the verge of collapse following the local currency devaluation. We welcome these same "experts" to justify away why it is that the HFT algos which comprise over 30% of the CME's revenue have decided to send WTI right back to unchanged in yesterday terms. Because it would appear that today the Iranian regime is suddenly more entrenched than ever, and hyperinflation is actually a sure fire way to cement a so called dictator in his throne (as we said previously).

The week's performance of Oil relative to Gold, Silver, and Copper...


Chart: Bloomberg


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