Thursday Humor - The Climate-Adjusted Reason Obama 'Lost' The Debate

While some have blamed last night's 'performance anxiety' on the President's efforts to save our economy and not having time to practice, and others at Romney's 'bullying' of the moderator, it seems Al Gore has come up with the real reason - it's the altitude, stupid!


Via Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,


Need a laugh?  Al Gore went on television and blamed Obama’s horrific performance during the debate last night on the altitude!  This is epic.  So according to Al Gore we should be very concerned should Obama negotiate any deals with any leaders in the capital cities of La Paz, Bolivia (11,942 ft); Quito, Ecuador (9,350 ft); Bogota, Columbia (8,612 ft); Mexico City, Mexico (7,350 ft) and Nairobi, Kenya (5,889 ft).  For comparison Denver is 5,280 ft above sea level.  For a full list of capital cities Obama should avoid if he gets a second term go here.

I have also figured out why our policy in Afghanistan is such a disaster.  Kabul is higher than Denver at 5,873 ft.

Who let Al Gore out of his cage yesterday?  Watch the video below and have a laugh!



oh, and by the way, even simple folk like us know that if you are prone to altitude sickness, a quick Diamox beforehand takes care of it (especially at a measly 5300 feet)...