Who Is Winning The Race To Debase?

For nearly 30 years, two of the world's largest economic nations (China and the US) have continually debauched debased the purchasing power of their currency. For the last 12 years, the rest of the world joined in. So who is winning the race to debase now? It appears globalization was really all about currency debasement and exporting inflation (i.e. loss of FX value) with debt being the inflation buffer (i.e. borrow to afford or vendor-financing - see AMZN). The problem now is the entire world is saturated with debt and so there is no-one left to export inflation to anymore. We do indeed live in interesting times.



Source: Goldman Sachs


and as a bonus chart - the following chart shows how massivley active China has been to 'manage' its currency. The green line is the USDCNY exchange rate and the red and blue lines indicate the direction of exchange rate pressure driven by the market and the CCP/PBoC's wishes. What is extremely evident is that from the end of LTRO to the start of QEternity (note - they stopped 2 days before the FOMC meeting) - China's government was a massive seller of USD to maintain their CNY stability... (while market expects CNY depreciation)



(h/t INETeconomics)