Beta Testing QE 4 - "Large Amount" Of $100 Bills Stolen From Federal Reserve

A month ago, just before the launch of QEternity, we caught a rare glimpse of what may be the beta test of one of the Fed's latest ploys in "unconventional monetary easing" when bank robbers decided to throw money out of their car in central LA during a police pursuit. Today, a month later, and 4 weeks after Bernanke's latest open-ended monetary easing, incorrectly reference virtually everywhere as QE3 (as Twist has had more flow impact on the market than QE 1 and 2 combined) has proven to be, at least so far, an absolute failure, we learn what perhaps may be an even more "effective" approach to juicing the monetary supply with quite literally brand new, freshly printed Benjamins (the Franklin varietal; the Bernanke will have one or more separator commas). From AP: "Federal authorities are warning merchants to be on the lookout for stolen $100 bills that aren't supposed to go into circulation until next year. The bills were stolen from an airplane that landed in Philadelphia from Dallas Thursday morning. The plane had been transporting money from the Federal Reserve facility in Dallas."

Of course, anyone who has seen airplanes carrying Fed cargo, knows that robbing the ultra secretive GLD warehouse in London of all of its tungsten gold is child's play by comparison. And yet this is just what officially happened. Not only that but the stolen shipment is of $100 bills that will be introduced into circulation next year, giving counterfeiters a solid head start on preparations to further assist the Fed in diluting the US currency in circulation which as per the H.6 continues to rise by about $3 billion per week, and $90 billion per year and rising fast, clocking in at a record $1.074 trillion at last check.

So while the good news from the above is that the Fed will not be adopting the EUR in its plot to completely destroy the US currency in order to inflate away Federal debt that is now rising at a pace of $2.33 for every new dollar in GDP, the bad news is that in order to qualify for what may be the harbinger of QEs to come, one needs to have a good tracker of cargo planes carrying currency cargo. Because apparently all one needs to take possession of said cargo going forward is to politely say "please."

h/t Nihilarian