The Tax Facts: "You Do The Math"

As UBS reported said, in both the Republican primary and the general election campaigns in 2012, various Presidential candidates in discussing taxes have recommended that voters "do the math" in evaluating various tax change proposals. The following preliminary 2010 data from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) should be helpful for performing such calculations. We present a variety of self-explanatory exhibits sourced directly from the IRS, which include all the DIY math on income distribution, tax rate schedules, who is affected if Bush taxes cuts for high-income taxpayers expire, sources of itemized deductions and higher incomes, the size distribution of businesses paying individual income taxes, and everything else that may and likely will be thrown out, if incorrectly, by one or both candidates tonight, in an attempt to rally any one group of people behind the cause (what cause exactly remains to be seen).

Source: UBS