Vikram Pandit Gives His First Post-Resignation Interview: Live BBG TV Webcast

Curious to learn just why Vik Pandit was given his marching orders with what appears to have been a one day's notice? Hear it from the horse's mouth direct courtesy of his first interview since quitting effectively several hours ago, with BBG TV's Erik Schatzker.

Highlights from the speech:

Pandit on whether he was pressured out:

"I've been thinking about this for a long time. It was my decision. I made it talking to Mr. O'Neill, and we did it understanding that the company was ready.

On what he could have done differently:

"It's hard to come up with things we should have done differently. I was first out of the box to raise capital. I feel very good about the decisions that we've made."

"The job was about transformation and turnaround, and we've done the turnaround."

"There are always bumps in the road. But the real issue to me is look at the five-year track record. It was never going to be a straight line."