Here Is Why GOOG Has Plunged By 10% (So Far)

While everyone knows that GOOG is halted and may or may not resume trading before market close (and no, RRD merely reported the facts, if only early, and as everyone knows the market has a revulsion to reality peeking during trading hours), few are aware just why it is that everyone dumped the stock which soared to all time highs a few short weeks ago. Here it is, in its full visual splendor - Google's Operating Income, which was expected to come in at $3.536 billion printed at $2.736 billion, a 23% miss!

And that's just half the story. The chart below shows not only the historical data, but where the once again massively wrong sell-side crew sees Q4 Operating Income going. GOOG has to see its operating income soar by nearly $1.5 billion in Q4 just to resume its previous upward glidepath.

... Good luck