Here's What The Machines Are Doing With GOOG Today

We indicated yesterday, as GOOG re-opened, that the day's Volume-Weighted-Average-Price (VWAP) would be a critical level in the next day or two. The earnings SNAFU heard around the world and the sheer mania and herding going into earnings meant only one thing - the big boys will want out in a hurry (big crowds and small doors). And so the onslaught of talking heads appeared to play down this 'aberration', to talk up the future, and explain why everyone should BTFD. The machines, however, told a different story. From the moment we reopened, GOOG was tickled higher by market-maker algos desperate to allow their institutional order-flow out at anything like a VWAP level (the level that their bonuses are judged on and commissions paid from). Sure enough, by the open of the day-session today, we had reached yesterday's closing VWAP and a flood of large block size sell orders hit the market. Watching VWAP today will be key - that's what the machines will be doing as they revert every dip to dump at this mystical level.



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