Decision 2012: Bears-Lions, Giants-Cardinals; Or Romney-Obama

The nation is facing an extremely difficult decision; the outcomes of which could well be career-defining for the protagonists. We are of course talking about the dilemma that the nation faces in choosing Monday Night Football, NLCS Game 7, or the third Presidential Debate. In order to help focus public opinion, we offer the debate drinking game, live-stream scoring, and suggest readers invest in Picture-in-Picture (or have their edible iPad on their lap as the sports get under way this evening). For those who prefer to 'hedge': Obama is 67% likely to win the debate, Detroit are just favored to beat Chicago, and the Giants are favored (on momentum) to beat Arizona - so it seems like the debate is the most one-sided affair (though we suspect will be more contentious).



Previous Scores - Republicans Lead 2:1

Presidential Debate 1:

Vice-Presidential Debate 1:


Presidential Debate 2:


Tonight's Presidential Debate 3 rules


Live Stream Scoring:




An alternate Drinking Game (via Buzzfeed) for the light-beer