Apple Introduces A Slightly Bigger Samsung S III (And Faster, "Excel-Optimized" New New iPad 4)

Below is a picture of the product that Steve Jobs never wanted launched, and which Apple has been forced to release due to competitors which are suddenly beating it in its own game. And the price: $329. The Nexus starting price is $199 which is also Kindle Fire territory. Anyway, the 8 inch iPad is here (which upon measurement actually turns out to be 5"... particularly the white version). So when is the iPad 36C coming? Finally: will there be an iDiscount for those with over $100,000 in student debt?


Oh, and Apple also launched a New iPad. Or wait, is that iPad 4? Confusing. Whatever it is it has a faster CPU for all those excel spreadsheets you will be doing on it all day long.

One word summary: cannibalization... and maybe another: GoogleMaps? 


AAPL Stock -2.5% - below Friday's closing VWAP...

Source: AllthingsD


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