One Quarter Of All Spanish Workers Without A Job: Female Unemployment In Ceuta Region Hits 57%

One in four Spaniards are now officially out of work - well over double the euro-area's average 11.4% rate. This is the highest rate of unemployment since the Franco dictatorship ended in the mid-1970s as 5.8 million now stand idle. Perhaps more stunning is the fact that eight of the bailout-nation's regions have higher unemployment rates than the national average with Cueta at a stunning 41.03% (with women's unemployment rate in that region an almost incomprehensible 56.92%)!! The YoY increase of almost 800,000 people unemployed leaves 1.74 million households with no members employed. As one would expect, loan delinquencies are also surging as Caixabank just almost doubled its pool of bad loans in the third quarter. While Rajoy fiddles...

Spain's Unemployment Rate Hits 25.02% - the highest since the 1970s!



and across the regions (far right hand column) - the rate is even higher in many cases!


with women's unemployment (far right column) reaching a stunning 56.92% in Cueta region!


Source: National Institute of Statistics